Trade fairs, conferences or sales presentations are events that benefit from the lively exchange with participants. Interactive event marketing via a social wall supports this effect: you can strengthen the image of your products, capture opinions, and significantly increase the reach of your event. Votingtech’s offers you a social wall that connects all your participants:

What our voting systems can do for you

  • Use the reach of several social media channels: Our social wall enables your participants to exchange information about your event from different social media channels. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other services can easily be used for event marketing via the Social Wall.
  • Participate in the discussion even without having an own social media account: With the Votingtech Social Wall, your participants can actively participate in an event, even if they do not have their own social media account. All your guests have their say about tweets, posts, word, and picture contributions on the Votingtech Social Wall.
  • Event marketing online or offline: We enable you to market your event via the social wall online via the cloud or offline via a local server that we install for you on site.

Event marketing via social media using the example of a trade fair

Exhibitions are like no other event an ideal platform not only for presenting products, companies and brands, but also for interactive exchange with the target group. With Votingtech's Social Wall every single participant can share his or her messages and opinions and thus actively participate in shaping the event.

Meeting all the requirements of successful event marketing at trade fairs with a social wall

Event marketing at trade fairs can be very different. This depends not least on the theme of the trade fair and the products or services presented. Nevertheless, successful event marketing requires the fulfilment of a few basic principles. With a Social Wall from Votingtech you can kill several birds with one stone.
  • A positive emotionalisation reinforces the message of the event: Positive feelings that the participants associate with a trade fair are much more effective than pure information. With a social wall you give your trade fair guests the good feeling that you are interested in their opinion and that it should be noticed by everyone. Even people who do not visit the fair can use social media to connect and spread positive emotions with your event
  • Trade fair visitors must become active: A social wall gives the participants on site the opportunity not only to passively gather information, but also to actively participate in the trade fair events. Comments or photos on a social wall also encourage reticent participants to actively engage with your product: Your message is spreading rapidly.
  • Creating the exclusivity of an on-site experience: The Social Wall can function as a news channel that gives your event the authenticity of an exclusive and unique experience. Photos of your personal trade show experiences and other impressions posted by participants with a specific hash tag enhance the impact of your event and link your brand message to individual experiences.
  • Trade fairs live on a high contact intensity: Where else can you make direct contact with your target group? A social wall supplements personal conversations, competitions and other contact measures with a platform that can be used by all visitors at the same time: The Social Wall itself becomes an interactive event

With Votingtech you can assemble voting tools individually and according to your needs using the modular system. Safe. Simple. Quick.

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