If you want to hold elections at club meetings, general meetings or party conferences, you need a technical voting solution that can display election results in real time as well as guarantee legally compliant voting processes. To this end, we at Votingtech offer individually configurable solutions for your election event.

What our voting systems can do for you

  • Carry out elections reliably: We set up a separate WLAN network for your event. Often this is not given locally or only unreliably furnished. This means that you remain independent of external service providers and can carry out your elections without problems.
  • Elections in a tamper-proof manner: For maximum security and optimal data protection, we can set up a local server at the event location or provide you with our security-certified cloud solution for online surveys and online voting. Both variants guarantee that you can make your elections securely against manipulation and access by third parties.
  • Perform elections in real time: A closed system, such as a local server, not only ensures optimum data security, but also ensures real-time data reception. The election results can be received, evaluated and displayed within seconds.

Conducting elections using the example of an association

In order for elections in the association to produce legally valid results, a number of formal principles must be observed. These concern, among other things, the right to vote and co-determination rights of the members of the association, as well as the conduct of the election. With Votingtech's electronic voting systems you can conduct elections with legal certainty.

Support electoral administration tasks with electronic voting systems

Anyone responsible for the election of a club as election supervisor or as a member of the election committee has a variety of tasks to fulfil so that the election can be conducted in a legally secure manner:
  • Determine the number of members entitled to vote: The extent to which club members are entitled to vote or can be elected and what other co-determination rights they have when you plan to elect a club is laid down in detail in the club law. But how do you ensure that all members can participate in the election according to their voting and codetermination rights? Simply electronic! With our voting keypads (Televoter) every club member receives a voting card. This can only be used by the respective member and stores all co-determination options securely. Our electronic voting tools also enable secret voting. Where you would otherwise have to conduct a written vote to ensure a secret ballot, our voting tools count the votes anonymously.
  • Check the eligibility of candidates (if the candidate is old enough, he belongs to the club long enough, etc.)
  • Determine the number of board members to be elected: If the articles of association do not specify any fixed requirements here, you must nominate the corresponding board members for election. With our voting tools, multiple elections are also possible, which you as the election director can activate for the voting members
  • Counting the votes: Counting the votes of all those involved in the election is a labour-intensive process, in which many safety regulations must also be observed. Only votes with voting rights may be counted and weighted according to the counting procedure. However, invalid votes or abstentions must be recorded and rejected without error. Votingtech's individually programmed voting tools make this work easier for you and also guarantee error-free and tamper-proof counting of votes
  • Find out that the candidates accept the election
  • Determination and publication of the election results: If you have successfully carried out your club election, the election result must be announced to the members. With our tools, for example, a clear presentation with PowerPoint is possible. In this way, you can make current election results clearly visible or, for example, present them in comparison with previous year's results.

With Votingtech you can assemble voting tools individually and according to your needs using the modular system. Safe. Simple. Quick.

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