Events are especially memorable for your participants when they can interactively participate in the event. Votingtech’s interactive voting tools offer a wide range of applications to give your guests a voice. Live and uncomplicated.

What our voting systems can do for you:

  • Perform live voting with a tool of your choice: You can choose from various voting systems for the interactive participation of your participants. Depending on the size of the event and the voting project, tablets, voting keypads (televoters) or a web app are available. With the latter, your participants can take part in the live voting with their own smartphone.
  • Intuitively create, execute and evaluate live polls in real time: With the Votingtech software you can carry out live polls very easily. Both the creation of the voting contents and the evaluation of the results in real time is intuitive due to the comprehensible structure of the software. This saves time and allows you to interact flexibly with your audience. The voting tools themselves are also easy to use and can be intuitively understood and used by all participants.
  • Making viewer opinions visible with Word Cloud: With the intelligent Word Cloud, viewers' opinions can be displayed in real time. Clustered in a big word cloud, the mood of the audience becomes clear.
  • Perform live voting via the Internet with the Votingtech Cloud: For events that take place exclusively via the Internet, our individually configured cloud server enables participant integration.
  • Present voting results in your corporate design: With our plugin you can easily present your voting results via PowerPoint. You can present the results in your corporate design and also use other PowerPoint design options.

With Votingtech you can assemble voting tools individually and according to your needs using the modular system. Safe. Simple. Quick.

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