Votings via electronic voting systems are used at many interactive events. High safety standards and smooth processes must always be guaranteed. Our voting tools are market-leading and can be used for various purposes.

With our voting systems you can:

What our voting systems can do for you:

  • We provide the participants of your interactive event with voting systems such as tablets, voting keypads (televoters) or voting apps with which they can actively participate in the event
  • We equip your event with its own WLAN network so that you can conduct your elections, votes or surveys both securely and reliably.
  • On request, we can also set up a local server at the event location and thus set up an event intranet on site – this offers you maximum security and optimum data protection
  • With our plugin, you simply present all results by Powerpoint in your Corporate Design on canvas or screen. This results in numerous design options
  • We build a Social Wall for you, so that your participants can exchange information about your event on Twitter, Facebook, or other social media services (even if they do not have their own social media accounts)
  • With the help of the intelligent Word Cloud, you can display audience opinions in real time and respond immediately to frequently asked audience questions or requests

Conduct elections

If you want to hold elections at club meetings, general meetings or party conferences, you need a technical voting solution that can display election results in real time as well as guarantee legally compliant voting processes. To this end, we at Votingtech offer individually configurable solutions for your election event.

  • reliably: We set up a separate WLAN network for your event. Often this is not given locally or only unreliably furnished. This means that you remain independent of external service providers and can carry out your elections without problems.
  • security: For maximum and optimal data protection, we can set up a local server at the event location or provide you with our security-certified cloud solution for online surveys and online voting. Both variants guarantee that you can make your elections securely against manipulation and access by third parties.
  • real time: A closed system, such as a local server, not only ensures optimum data security, but also ensures real-time data reception. The election results can be received, evaluated and displayed within seconds.

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Live Votings

Events are especially memorable for your participants when they can interactively participate in the event. Votingtech’s interactive voting tools offer a wide range of applications to give your guests a voice. Live and uncomplicated.

What our voting systems can do for you:

  • choose your tool: You can choose from various voting systems for the interactive participation of your participants. Depending on the size of the event and the voting project, tablets, voting keypads (televoters) or a web app are available. With the latter, your participants can take part in the live voting with their own smartphone.
  • intuitive: With our Votingtech software you can carry out live polls very easily. Both the creation of the voting contents and the evaluation of the results in real time is intuitive due to the comprehensible structure of the software. This saves time and allows you to interact flexibly with your audience.
  • Perform live voting via the Internet with the Votingtech Cloud: For events that take place exclusively via the Internet, our individually configured cloud server enables participant integration.

Eventmarketing with Social Media

Trade fairs, conferences or sales presentations are events that benefit from the lively exchange with participants. Interactive event marketing via a social wall supports this effect: you can strengthen the image of your products, capture opinions, and significantly increase the reach of your event. Votingtech’s offers you a social wall that connects all your participants:

  • even without an own social media account: With the Votingtech Social Wall your participants can actively participate in an event, even if they do not have their own social media account.
  • online or offline: We enable you to market your event via the social wall online via the cloud or offline via a local server that we install for you on site.
  • Use the reach of several social media channels: Our social wall enables your participants to exchange information about your event from different social media channels. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other services can easily be used for event marketing via the Social Wall.
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Participant and booking management

Successful events do not only consist of exciting program items, interesting guests and entertainment. Good participant management also contributes to the success of an interactive event. It guarantees smooth processes in the background of your event. For example, your participants do not waste hours in queues at the entrance, but can fully concentrate on the contents of your event. Votingtech offers you a powerful visitor management solution.

  • Effective participant and booking management: Even before your event starts, our software supports you in guest management. The software generates scan codes and prints them on the tickets. Other information can also be printed. Your guests can later use the tickets to gain access to toilets and VIP areas or to register for competitions.
  • Electronic check-in control: To speed up your check-in process, you can use our tools to design your check-in completely electronically. Scanning devices capture the codes on your guests' tickets and store them in the network.
  • Live evaluations of your event are possible in all event phases: All information on the number of participants, event utilization and use of specific offers on site is quickly and easily available to you via the network. This enables you to take timely measures to ensure the smooth running of your event.
  • Subscriber management via local or cloud servers: With us, you choose whether your visitor management should run via a cloud server or be handled locally by a local server.
  • Provide on-the-fly information: With our voting tools, each of your guests will receive updates to the scheduled agenda. Does a lecture date change? With the on-the-fly function your participants are always up to date. In real time and completely paperless.

With Votingtech you can assemble voting tools individually and according to your needs using the modular system. Safe. Simple. Quick.

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