LPT SPD Schleswig Holstein


Location: Kultur- und Kongresshalle Lübeck

  • Participants planned: 400
  • Duration: 2 day
  • Products: electronic voting systems with display
  • Team: Berlin – 2 employees

e.g. Election of the Presidium

The state party conference with about 300 delegates and guests of the SPD Schleswig-Holstein took place in the Lübeck Music and Congress Hall. In addition to the upcoming state and federal elections, the program also included the elections of the executive board and committees of the state party.

Votingtech-art4live GmbH supported the smooth voting process with its proven electronic intranet Votingtech Votingsystem 2.0. The delegates voted with voting tablets, which send the votes by radio to a central computer, which projected the results immediately on a screen visible for all.

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