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GVL Berechtigtenversammlung

Tagesspiegel Expert Forum Energy

Willenbrock Linde Prelude


General Assembly Mainz 05

General Meeting Schalke 04

SPD Perspective Congress

DIY Summit Berlin

VfB Stuttgart – Spin-off

MV 2017 – FSV Mainz 05

ADAC South Bavaria

ADAC North Bavaria

ADAC Wuerttemberg

DENNEF e.V. Jakt

Eintracht Frankfurt MV

LPT SPD Schleswig Holstein

Annual kick-off event HSH Nordbank

General Assembly F.C. Hansa Rostock

General meeting 1st FSV Mainz 05

JHV from 1 FCK Kaiserlautern

Landesbank Baden-Württemberg

SPD Saxony State Party Conference

SPD Brandenburg Party Congress

General Assembly VfB Stuttgart

General Meeting Schalke 04 2016

Datev e.G. Representatives meeting

Global – DIY Summit Stockholm

SPD state party conference Lower Saxony

SPD state party conference Berlin

Creditors’ meeting Prokon

General Assembly VfB Stuttgart

Baden-Württemberg Convention

MV Chamber of Tax Consultants Munich

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