General Meeting Schalke 04 2016

Place: Veltins Arena Gelsenkirchen

  • Participants planned: 15.000
  • Duration: 1 day setup / 1 day of event
  • Products: Registration / Voting system
  • Elections to the Supervisory Board – Amendments to the Articles of Association

Votingtech supported FC Schalke 04 at the general meeting with the electronic voting and registration. On the day before the event, our team had set up and commissioned the systems. Our team consisted of 19 dedicated employees. Four colleagues supported FC Schalke during registration. 15 employees were responsible for the electronic voting. The voting results were available to the members on the screen within a few minutes. This means that we once again successfully carried out the electronic vote at Germany’s largest general meeting. Directly after the meeting, we dismantled and loaded the complete systems within three hours.

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