SPD federal party congresses

Location: CityCube Messe Berlin

  • Participants planned: 700
  • Duration: 2 event days
  • Products: voting system
  • polls

For the fourth time, we supported the SPD at their federal party congress with the electronic voting system. For security reasons, we had started construction three days before the party conference. Our team consisted of eight dedicated employees who put the system into operation two days before the party conference. As the press reported, there were several cyber attacks at this party conference.
During the election as party leader, the radio was partially disturbed by a cyber attack with a so-called “Wifi-Jammer”. The election result had been received correctly and completely, but the disruption of the radio network led to uncertainty among the delegates. For this reason, the electronic dialling was repeated on paper. The electronically determined result showed us that the results were counted correctly and that the radio was deliberately disturbed. Following this party conference, we developed a new and much more efficient defence strategy against cyber attacks.

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